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This site was designed to provide community information to the property owners, residents, potential buyers and real estate professionals representing buyers and sellers in the Hancock County Indiana Community of Sweetwater Farms. Sweetwater Farms is a single-family neighborhood in Greenfield, Indiana. It is conveniently located off of US 40 and Blue Road. This website presents online access to new and up-to-date information, as well as interesting activities for all residents of Sweetwater Farms. All the things you need to know to live happily in our neighborhood! If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us for help. (317) 682-0571

Sweetwater Farms, HOA – Annual Meeting 2022

May 11, 2022 10AM



HOA Management Q&A: Who Handles What?

The most common questions we receive are from homeowners who are unclear about how the property management company fits into their HOA-governed community. In this quick reference guide, we’ll provide a succinct, easy-to-understand outline of common HOA management duties, so you can get a clearer sense of how the HOA management company relates to the HOA members and the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many misconceptions about Property Management firms and their role within the communities they serve. We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers to help you understand how we serve you as a homeowner and your community and how to get the most out of your management company.

What Homeowners Want From Their Association

Today, there are roughly 57 million Americans living in managed communities, or HOAs. Of those 57 million, every single one of them has a certain set of expectations about what that should mean. While most homeowners would reasonably expect things like grounds maintenance and maybe some nice amenities, that’s not really the point.

HOA Bylaws and Regulations

The structure with which an HOA functions, and the bylaws and regulations that each HOA is constructed around, are extremely important to residents and board members alike. However, finding your HOA’s bylaws and understanding how they function can sometimes be hard to comprehend without guidance.

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  • I know people have issues with HOAs but I haven’t had any problems with this one. I’ve done my best to follow the rules that I agreed to when I bought my home and they’ve been helpful with any questions I’ve had as to staying in compliance with them. This is the only HOA I’ve worked with but I think this is probably one of the better companies to do business with.

    Franchesca O’Neal

  • Submitting an Architectural Review Request was easy and self directed on the HOA website. There is adequate space to enter the information requested plus any information you want to enhance what has been requested. Processing and timeliness after Request submission is fair. Feedback is given and instructive. I would rate this process highly in our society of “no paper please”.

    Dennis Eckeloff

  • I appreciate seeing the Your HOA Community Management Co. truck driving through the neighborhood regularly. That shows me that indeed they are ensuring that the community upholds its standards. I have personally seen improvements based on their management: a neighbor’s yard mowed regularly, a service vehicle of a resident-employee is now parked in the driveway instead of of the street, etc. Such issues were not addressed by the previous company our HOA employed. Also, when I submitted an architectural request for approval to build a covered gazebo on our property, it was promptly acknowledged for processing and forwarded to the board, who approved it within a day. I certainly appreciate Your HOA Community Management Co.’s work in our community and am pleased that the Board switched management to this company.

    Oni Harton